Why do I have to sign in to contribute?

We want to know as little about you as possible — we don’t ask for your name, phone number, or any other revealing information. We ask for your email address so we can communicate with you in the event you forget your username and password. We require registration so that, along with other methods, we can prevent abusive activity.

How do I earn points?

You receive points for contributing answers to questions; voting on others’ contributions; and creating people, organizations and reporting relationships. Almost everything is worth 10 points, some things are 2 points, and voting gets you 1 point each time. It’s all labeled in case you forget.

How do I lose points?

Other users vote on your contributions, and if an answer reaches a certain threshold of incorrect votes to correct votes, the contribution will be deemed inaccurate and twice the number of original points will be deducted from your total. (Your ratio of correct to incorrect contributions will also go down.) Points are also deducted for violations of the Terms of Service. Don't worry, we've considered how the passage of time affects the "correctness" of a given contribution. In addition to the obvious implementation of Roles, we've implemented other methods to account for the passage of time, and we have more coming.

If your ratio as a contributor drops to a certain point, your account will be banned from the site (forever).

Why can’t I remove reporting relationships on the tree?

To protect the integrity of the information on Transparentrees, we require a certain amount of earned authority before a user can remove reporting relationships.

Why can’t I vote on my own contribution?

You contributed it, so everyone knows you agree with it.

Why can’t I vote on something more than once?

Only one vote is allowed at a time. After some time passes you’ll be able to vote on the same contribution again.

How does the misspelling of a person’s name or an organization’s name get fixed?

The ability to correct misspellings is coming soon. If there aren’t many contributions on the profile yet, just create a new person or organization with the correct spelling, and that profile should become the dominant version.

How do I contribute to my own profile?

That's the whole thing. No one owns a profile. No one "owns" the profile which discusses them. If you want to contribute to a profile that discusses you, we suggest that you answer the questions about yourself as thoroughly and accurately as possible, and those answers ought to be voted to the top. In that way, you can contribute to the profile that discusses you anonymously (if you desire) just like anyone else. We anticipate that many people and organizations will take this approach, and we think that's a good thing.