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You agree to this Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy") by agreeing to our Terms of Service (AKA the Agreement). Terms used herein but not defined have the meanings ascribed to them in the Agreement. We may modify this Privacy Policy at any time with notice provided to the email address you have provided to us or via a general message supplied on

Information You Give Us

You provide us with a valid email address and a username of your choosing, which may be anonymous. We don't ask you for your name, phone number, or anything else. When you talk to us, via any channel, we collect that information. We use this information to help formulate a response to you, and to improve our Products and enforce the Agreement.

Information About Your Use

We collect all information relating to your usage of the Products and this information cannot be deleted except at our designation. For example, page views, contributions made, and all other usage activity is collected. We use both persistent and sessions based cookies and other technologies to recognize you and track your activity. Cookie settings can usually be changed on your browser settings but may not work properly. We collect information relating to your internet protocol address or your proxy server, your computer operating system, web browser type, mobile operating system, the name of your ISP and mobile carrier, and any other information available. We process this information in a variety of ways so that we can understand how you and others use the Products and to enforce the Agreement.

Who We Share What With

We try and share as little information about your usage with others as is possible for our purposes. We may share your usage activity with other persons or entities in order to help us offer the Products. For example, we have third-party vendors that analyze our analytics, such as Google Analytics, and they would therefore be privy to some of your user information. As another example, we may use various hosting or similar vendors in order to help us provide the Products, and they would therefore be privy to your user information. As another example, we may also share your information and usage activity with third-parties for purposes of reviewing the Products growth and adoption rates so that such parties may invest in us or potentially acquire us, however in such situation we will anonymize your email address so that it cannot be associated with your username. We may disclose your email address and any usage information attributable to you, and retain your information after a Termination Notice, if we have a good faith belief that such disclosure or retention is reasonably necessary to: (1) comply with a legal requirement or process such as civil and criminal subpoenas, court orders or other required disclosures, or (2) enforce the Agreement, or (3) respond to claims of a violation of the rights of third parties, or (4) prevent illegal activity.

We Don't Have Advertising

We don't have any advertising on So, we don't use any of the information we have about your usage for the purpose of serving you ads or allowing anyone else to serve you ads, so we don't have much else to say about California Civil Code sections 1798.83-1798.84.

Information Other Users See

All information you contribute to is voluntary on your part because you are choosing to share it with others in the public domain; that's the whole point, and these contributions are associated with your username (likely an anonymous username you chose). Your contributions can be seen by other users and the public, and cannot be deleted, except at our designation, because it affects other users' activity and other users vote on your contributions, which in turn affects their account. You can stop posting to at any time and you can close your account by providing us with a Termination Notice (, but the information you have chosen to contribute to will remain. Lastly, keep in mind that although you may have selected an anonymous username, the specific manner in which you may choose to contribute on may allow other users to infer your identity. If you wish to remain anonymous to the public, be sure to craft your contributions in such a manner that others cannot determine your identify by inference.

Our Communications With You

We communicate with you by sending messages to the email address you have supplied to us and by posting information on The bare minimum of email messages that we automatically opt you into receiving are required for proper interaction between us and you, and you cannot opt out of them. We never automatically opt you into receiving any email messages from us that are not critical for your basic use of the Products, though you may manually opt into receiving other email messages from us that may enhance your use of the Products. Specific features of the Products may change from time to time and we may send you email messages to inform you of such changes.


We have taken serious steps to prevent any third party from accessing the email address associated with your username. For legal reasons, and to avoid the blatant abuse of logic, we cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that a hacking group with resources will not be able to somehow circumvent our efforts. If circumstances arise such that we believe your email address and anonymous username have been associated together because of a breach to our systems we will disclose this fact to you and take further immediate action to secure our systems from any such breach.

Do Not Track Policy Notice

We do not use "do not track" signals; in other words, we do not track our users across the web and so we do not respond to DNT signals in browsers. Third parties do not collect personally identifiable information (PII) about users on through advertising technologies.


If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, you may contact us by electronic mail at or by physical mail at:

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