Spell correctly.

Make sure you’re talking about the right entity or person and make sure to spell correctly. If you searched for someone and they didn't come up as a result, check your spelling.

Get your contributions right the first time.

You can only answer each question once, so make sure to answer correctly the first time. After some time passes – and provided your authority is at a certain level – you’ll be able to answer the same question more than once.

If you don’t know or can’t find out from public information sources, don’t contribute.

We penalize incorrect information pretty heavily. We subtract twice the number of points when a contribution is incorrect and we lock out contributors (forever) when their ratio of incorrect contributions to correct contributions gets to a certain point. We view false information as worse than no information.

Focus on the facts.

Don’t contribute personal attacks on Empty name-calling, in and of itself, is not useful to anyone, even you. It’s okay to disapprove of an organization’s or person’s manner of conducting themselves, and it’s okay to write about that opinion, but you must state your opinion in a professional manner and back it up with accurate information.

Don’t post inaccurate, inappropriate, unlawful, libelous, abusive, obscene, sexually explicit, or discriminatory information on Transparentrees is a positive, facts-only place.

Choose an anonymous username.

We anticipate that some contributors won’t mind revealing their identity. However, if you want to remain anonymous, choose an anonymous username. Do not choose a username that impersonates someone else. If you want to remain anonymous, be sure not to give your identity away by virtue of posting in a manner that suggests your real identity to others.

Be concise and put yourself in your reader’s shoes.

Try to convey as much meaning in as few characters as possible, but don’t sacrifice clarity or the quality of the information. Taking a little time to think about the best way to convey something will help your contribution’s positive rating. Always consider how other people might interpret what you’re writing. Is it clear and unambiguous? Is it the type of information others will find helpful?

Read our terms of service.

Don’t violate others’ intellectual property rights by posting information on that you do not have the right to disclose, such as trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights or patented information. Like we said, we’re not against privacy. We want to end misrepresentation, and, more than that, enable the creation of accurate information to which others have a legal right. If an organization or person holds themselves out to the world in some capacity, the world has a right to legal, accurate and transparent information about that capacity. For more details, please read our Terms of Service to which you agree by posting on If you believe your intellectual property rights have been violated, please read our policies for proceeding contained in our Terms of Service.

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