What is Transparentrees?

Share a little, get a lot.

If you wanted to understand an organization and the individuals in it, where would you look? We kept asking that question and couldn’t find the answer. Transparentrees is crowd-sourced information about the marketing and advertising industries. If you really stop and think about it, it's actually super silly (and enormously inefficient) for us all to keep playing the largest guessing game ever invented.

Everything you do at Transparentrees is anonymous.

Sign up with an anonymous username of your choosing and valid email address and confirm it. That’s it. We don’t ask you to connect your account to Facebook, or ask that you do anything else that might compromise your anonymity. We, ourselves, want to know as little about you as possible, and we want everyone else to know nothing about you if that’s your desire. If you want to post in such a way that reveals your identity, we want that to be your choice.

You receive and lose points, and you’ll exchange them for access.

You receive points every time you contribute or successfully invite another user. If you contributed something inaccurate, you lose twice the number of points you gained. We'll tell you more about why you need the points after you sign up.

Transparency grows here.